Turbo Jam

Burn up to 1,000 calories an hour with the workout that doesn’t feel like work. Set to high-energy music, Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Jam® scorches fat fast!
What is the Turbo Jam

Turbo Jam is an in-home fitness program that combines kickboxing, dancing, and body-sculpting moves to help you burn calories and tone muscles.

Trainer Chalene Johnson teaches you her signature “Elite 11” moves, then uses them in a variety of ways to raise your heart rate and keep it elevated so you burn as much fat as possible. The workouts are set to high-energy dance music that feels more like a party than exercise.

Why is it so effective?

Turbo Training is a technique that adds intensity to the workouts and increases the calorie burn. In the middle of each workout you do a short, supercharged cardio interval, which increases your aerobic capacity and is one of the most effective ways to burn fat and calories.

Chalene’s signature moves are easy to follow. They target specific muscle groups or body parts to strengthen and sculpt your entire physique, with special emphasis on your abs and core. The workouts can be done by anyone at any fitness level.

The Turbo Results Eating Plan includes useful information about healthy foods, plus easy-to-make meals to fuel your fitness. You also get a daily Workout Calendar, and a Quick Start Guide with all the information you need to get going right away.

Jump-start your weight loss with the Turbo Slim® 10-Day Kick Start, an easy-to-follow accelerated plan to rev up your metabolism and help you see results quickly.

The Turbo Sculpting Gloves increase your muscle activity by up to 96% so you get toned fast.

What makes Turbo Jam unique?

Turbo Jam is a combination of martial arts–style training and dancing. Chalene’s fun, motivating personality makes the workouts upbeat and energetic. The addition of Turbos (high-intensity intervals) improves your fitness while increasing your calorie burn. And when you use the Turbo Sculpting Gloves, you can raise the intensity even higher.

What Kind of results can I get with Turbo Jam

We have thousands of Success Stories from people who lost weight and got toned with Turbo Jam. In a university study, some participants burned more than 700 calories in one 45-minute workout. That’s nearly twice as effective as walking, jogging, yoga, Pilates, or circuit training.*

Celebrity Charlean Johnson

One of the most popular fitness instructors in the country, Chalene is an experienced, highly motivating workout leader. With her guidance, you’ll learn the proper form and technique for working out with weights or bands, even if you’ve never done resistance training before. She’ll keep you from getting bored and inspire you to do your very best.

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