Ultimate Reset

The Ultimate Reset isn’t a crash diet or a processed-food meal replacement. It’s an integrated, whole-body reset solution—a step-by-step program that lets you have real food along with the specially formulated supplements that are included. It also teaches you to engage in conscious living techniques that help you restore your body. You’ll not only help cleanse your body from the inside out, you’ll learn conscious self-care behaviors that can help you maintain better health, even after your Reset

What is the Ultimate Reset?

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a comprehensive, no-starvation, inner- body tune-up that offers much more than the typical cleanse programs on the market. The Ultimate Reset not only helps you eliminate waste gently and naturally, it also helps revitalize your body and mind, and fuel your body with the micro- and macronutrients it craves. You’ll replace the processed foods you’ve been eating with healthy foods. You’ll eat cleanly—possibly for the first time in your life—and take supplements designed to help your Reset.

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a complete, three-phase, 21-day mind/body program that provides everything you need to help:

• Reclaim your body’s natural balance
• Release unwanted compounds that have been holding your system back

• Restore your system to its maximum efficiency

Participants say Ultimate Reset helped with the following benefits:*

• Improved digestion

• Healthy energy

• A more positive mood and

• Weight loss (improved BMI) better focus

Why Reset?

Our environment has become more and more polluted. We’re breathing air that’s far from pristine, drinking water that’s not even close to being pure, eating foods laced with things we can’t pronounce—chemical additives, preservatives, pesticides—and absorbing toxins contained in everything from our children’s toys to the pillows where we lay our heads. Here’s the good news: Your body is a very resilient, very efficient machine, able to neutralize or eliminate most of this chemical onslaught on a daily basis. The bad news is that this incredible machine is being pushed to its limits.

How does Ultimate Reset Work?

The Ultimate Reset is a 21-day program, but it’s helpful to think of it in three distinct phases, each one a week long:

• Phase One: RECLAIM your body, accessing its inner chemistry and preparing for change.

• Phase Two: RELEASE the unwanted compounds that have been holding your system back and start the detoxification process.

• Phase Three: RESTORE your digestive system, along with other internal processes, to maximum efficiency, putting nutrients, enzymes, and pre- and probiotics back into your body.

The Creators of Ultimate Reset

After creating the breakthrough nutritional Shakeology®, Isabelle Daikeler, health and fitness expert, and Darin Olien, superfood ingredient hunter, took on the mission of creating this healthy cleansing program. They searched for just the right minerals, vitamins, and other natural ingredients. Now, in the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, they’ve combined the unique supplements they’ve created with a specially designed meal plan to help provide your body with some of the healthiest nutrients on Earth.

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